About us

We believe that the best services are always done by people who enjoy it and therefore we only work with those who feel the same way. Today, our company counts and connects dozens of absolutely amazing people. We are constantly evolving, especially for you, and that is what sets us apart from others. We really care about you.

Driving has literally changed my life and shown how wonderful it is to do something that I enjoy and fulfils me. It is even better to have someone to share with and that is why I still try to be in the field with colleagues and, of course, spend as much time as possible with you, our customers. Because it is you who are giving us the right direction we should take.

Martin Hájek
Company founder

Our customers who care about their travels

Market evergreen?

No, those are our values, see for yourself


Your safety and health are most important to us.

We drive calmly and prudently. Our cars are unmarked, in perfect technical condition and their interiors are not only visually but also hygienically clean – treated with plant-based products from BactaKleen


You can always count on us..

We will take you to any place at any time. Drivers are fully flexible and adapt to your schedule and requirements.
You don’t need an app to know where the car is, because we are always on time and ready. But we have it for you anyway.

Personal approach

Our services are a reflection of your needs.

With each client, we set up services completely individually. From pickup of employees to production, airport transfers, transport of top management, to bus transport or car rental.
In addition, we have a preferred group of drivers for each company.


Time, money and worries 

Time is the most valuable commodity we have, let us make the most of yours.
Did you know that travelling by car can in many cases be not only more flexible, but also faster, more comfortable and cheaper than using airlines?
Save your last minute worries and book your car with any other services, even half a year in advance.

Fixed prices

Our prices are fixed, regardless of time, traffic, day of the week or holidays.

You will know the price in advance, therefore you can count on the fastest route. In the end, you can pay by card, in cash (CZ, EU, US) or we offer invoice payments for our partners. With us, you will not have to argue with the driver how you prefer to pay.


Our drivers are real professionals and have driven millions of kilometres in the Czech Republic and the EU.

Everyone speaks English and Czech and will be fully available to you throughout the transport. Opening the door, helping with luggage.. all this and much more is a matter of course for us.